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deep cleaning

Your expectations are unique and we understand. That's why we offer a deep clean so thorough that you'll wonder how you ever survived without us. Whether you need apartment cleaning or a one-time deep clean throughout your house before an event, we got you covered. We extend the same level of care and detail in our occasional cleanings as we do our regular cleaning services. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Shine Time USA thorough . You’ll relish those perfect vacuum lines. You’ll slide your hand along gleaming counter-tops. And you’ll get it all on with a customized cleaning plan for your home, down to your specific rooms, schedule, and budget.

Here are some examples of what's included in our one-time, deep cleaning service:​

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas

  • Vacuum and mopping hard surface floors

  • Dust and spot cleaning all furniture

  • Vacuum all upholstered surfaces

  • Wipe down chairs and door knobs

  • Spot clean walls and painted surfaces

  • Detailed cleaning of the restrooms

  • Remove splash marks from walls and partitions around basins

  • Stock toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissues and hand soap

  • Complete and detailed cleaning of the kitchens

  • Complete and detailed cleaning of the refrigerator

  • Clean appliance interiors including microwaves and coffee makers

  • Remove cobwebs and spider webs

  • Remove trash, replace bags and wash as needed

  • Dust blinds

  • Remove fingerprints and marks from around light switches and door frames

  • Polish all brass and bright work on doors and cabinets

  • Wipe all internal glass

  • Clean window interiors, including french doors

  • Scrub all walls, baseboards and grout on tiled floors

  • Ensure all areas are clean and arranged neatly

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